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Grants and CEDS

We assist in the writing of various grants for communities in the MidCoast region. We have experience in working with grant applications at both the state and federal level and are available to chat with you about your grant application needs! 


In the past we have worked to, and successfully been awarded the following grants:

          - Shore and Harbor                                 - Norther Border Grants

          - ShoreUp                                                - Economic Development Assistance Grant

          - Project Canopy                                     - Land, Water, Conservation Fund

          - King Foundation                                    - and more! 

As a dues paying member, your community is also part of the region's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), which is used when applying to any of the federal grant programs listed above.

If you or your community are interested in applying for a grant and need assistance, please contact Maxwell Johnstone at or 207-380-7094.

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