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Hub of Excellence:

networks of communities driven by talent and a convergence of research, higher learning, skilled workforce and business, and a livable, healthy space.

Maine’s Economic Development Strategy G:
Promote Hubs of Excellence

MCOG's Strategic Plan, over the next 5 years, directs MCOG to expand the region’s economic diversity by embracing its place as a Hub of Excellence within the State of Maine’s Economic Development Strategy.


What does this Involve?

  • Implement the Midcoast Economic Development Committee (MCEDC) and develop a strategy around “regional hubs.”

  • Work with member communities to identify key local and regional businesses of all sizes, focusing on the following clusters:

Creative Economy

Marine Economy including fishing, aquaculture, and value-added production

Farming, hydroponics, and value-added production

Manufacturing, including, but not limited to:

Boatbuilding and composites

Machining and precision manufacturing

Technical components, including medical


Specialty food products and ingredients

Maine Bio and bio related research and manufacturing

Hospitality and ecotourism


Green Economy

  • Coordinate the work of MCEDC with the MCOG Loan Committee to support these industries

  • Establish a regional broadband strategy and assist member communities as needed.

  • Coordinate businesses and workforce development with Goal 5 Regional Housing.

  • Work with Brunswick Landing Tech Place to establish a second center in the north eastern part of the region to further the work of incubator business development.

  • Identify best practices for local permitting processes to help communities reduce the cost and barriers to development.

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