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Hub of Excellence:

networks of communities driven by talent and a convergence of research, higher learning, skilled workforce and business, and a livable, healthy space.

Maine’s Economic Development Strategy G:
Promote Hubs of Excellence

MCOG's Strategic Plan, over the next 5 years, directs MCOG to expand the region’s economic diversity by embracing its place as a Hub of Excellence within the State of Maine’s Economic Development Strategy.


What does this Involve?

  • Implement the Midcoast Economic Development Committee (MCEDC) and develop a strategy around “regional hubs.”

  • Work with member communities to identify key local and regional businesses of all sizes, focusing on the following clusters:

Creative Economy

Marine Economy including fishing, aquaculture, and value-added production

Farming, hydroponics, and value-added production

Manufacturing, including, but not limited to:

Boatbuilding and composites

Machining and precision manufacturing

Technical components, including medical


Specialty food products and ingredients

Maine Bio and bio related research and manufacturing

Hospitality and ecotourism


Green Economy

  • Coordinate the work of MCEDC with the MCOG Loan Committee to support these industries

  • Establish a regional broadband strategy and assist member communities as needed.

  • Coordinate businesses and workforce development with Goal 5 Regional Housing.

  • Work with Brunswick Landing Tech Place to establish a second center in the north eastern part of the region to further the work of incubator business development.

  • Identify best practices for local permitting processes to help communities reduce the cost and barriers to development.

Economic Development


During the Strategic Planning process, MCOG embraced the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) goal for regional councils of creating a "Hub of Excellence" within our region. MCOG will work with its partners, such as Brunswick Landing's Tech Place, expanding its presence as a "business incubator" or with our research organizations (Bigelow laboratories, the Darling Marine Center) to support advancement in production and create new industries in, for example, the marine bio-tech or aquaculture. In this realm, MCOG works to position its communities and businesses to succeed in their business development activates, creating new and better paying jobs at the local level.

In support, MCOG has established the Midcoast Economic Development Committee (MCEDC), representing member communities and key business interests to address the needs of employers, training and housing needs of employees, and land use strategies around production and distribution space. Staff, through is Economic Development Administration (EDA) funding, will support these efforts to provide provide regional focus for the key industries of MCOG. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact staff.


Annually, MCOG will publish the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) that outlines the key investments, both public and private, necessary to achieve a "Hub of Excellence". In identifying key infrastructure or other investments, communities and business throughout the region will be eligible for further federal or state funding to support those efforts. In this era of federal infrastructure funding, this is an important document and process for our region.

To support businesses, MCOG has a number of direct technical assistance and finance programs. Contact Brian Dancause or Charlotte Nutt for further information.

Staff contacts: Max Johnstone,, Brian Dancause

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