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Transportation & Mobility

In partnership with MaineDOT, MCOG provides transportation technical assistance and planning in the Midcoast region. MCOG works with communities to identify critical transportation issues and projects, with peak traffic and workforce movement issues. Our work supports increasing connectivity and ease of movement throughout the region by encouraging strong transportation networks, multi-modal and sustainable transportation options, as well as resilient infrastructure. Our wide range of expertise covers:

EV charging

Intersection improvements

Culvert installation or replacement

Surface improvements

Designing resilient roadways: stream & tidal crossings

Parking assessments

Regional transportation planning

Transit planning support

Active transportation planning

During 2023-24, MCOG will begin the data and analysis work to create a transportation management plan along the Route 1 corridor. The work will include connecting Route 1 with our many State route systems and villages.  

For any questions related transportation planning, please contact Adi Philson

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Active Transportation

Communities should strive to make mobility equally accessible to users of all ages and abilities, which includes providing a range of transportation options. Support for walking, biking, and other forms of active transportation is critical to the health and vibrancy of communities. MCOG can help expand and integrate active transportation in your community. Our work encompasses:

Walkable downtowns & village areas

Sidewalk improvements

Bicycle infrastructure planning

Bike and pedestrian master planning

Safety assessments

Trails & paths development

Street furniture programs


Curious about what road work might be coming your way? Check out MaineDOT's 3-year workplan: you can either search by Town/Municipality or view the interactive workplan map

MaineDOT resources:

Community-Based Initiatives

Maine's Complete Streets Policy

Maine Local Roads Center

Working to Move Maine: Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

Public Map Viewer

Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety


Give us a call or an email so we can discuss with you how we can provide these services.

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