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Maps & Data

MCOG has expanded the geographic imaging studies (GIS) and data program to provide resources and projects to towns. Using StreetLight data obtained through our partnership with Maine DOT, MCOG can conduct in-depth transportation studies, and other data sources like Census and Maine GIS help us with demographic, economic, or environmental studies.


If you have a project in mind or any questions, please reach out to Charlotte Nutt at

Climate: Projections & Vulnerabilities

North Haven Sea Level Rise Scenarios.jpg

MCOG has a database of climate-related maps and projects. We have flood data including highest astronomical tide, sea and lake overland surges from hurricanes, and FEMA flood map data available. We can add elements such as wetlands, streams, conservation areas, infrastructure, and more to customize a map for your town. The backgrounds can be a satellite, topographic, or street-based image. Please reach out to us with any requests and we would be happy to assist you.

MCOG Region Labor Markets

MCOG REGION_edited.png
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