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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy


As part of MCOG's Strategic Plan, the region must update the Midcoast Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Plan (required by the Federal Economic Development Administration; EDA). The CEDS process, necessary for key projects to be eligible for federal funding, will identify a broad array of infrastructure needs to meet the vision, goals, and guiding principles for economic investment in the Midcoast region.

Staff contact: Max Johnson,

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  • Accelerate the growth of the Midcoast’s Agriculture and Aquaculture sectors

  • Expand job opportunities in the manufacturing and technology sectors across the region

  • Increase experiential tourism opportunities which attract new visitors to the Midcoast throughout the year

  • Attract and retain young talented people to the region while utilizing the skills and experiences of older talented people in the Midcoast

  • Create a resilient regional economy by encouraging diversification in local industries.

  • Expand workforce training opportunities for improving accessibility for new Mainers.

  • Expand broadband coverage and capability to have at least 80% of the region serviced.

  • Grow the 25-44 population

  • Increase the adult population with post-secondary education

  • Increase the adult population working in the trades industry

  • Increase the number of businesses

  • Lower the vacancy rate on Main Streets

  • Increase affordable and workforce housing opportunities throughout the Midcoast

Mobilize Midcoast Maine

In order to develop the 2021 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, MCEDD, along with the other 6 economic development districts in Maine, are implementing Mobilize Maine – an asset based and community driven approach to economic development.

The Mobilize Maine initiative is an action-oriented and strengths based approach to economic development. In order to encourage economic growth Mobilize Midcoast Maine focuses on the following:

1. Promoting private sector participation

2. Leveraging assets unique to the Midcoast

3. Developing measurable benchmarks

4. Utilizing Action Teams composed of people with expertise in key growth sectors

This new approach to encouraging economic growth is unlike any other economic development initiative undertaken in Maine. It has a proven track record for region in Maine that have begun this work.


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