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2022-2027 MCOG Strategic Plan

MCOG's Strategic Plan provides a blueprint for Staff and Board of Directors work over the next five years. It is meant to guide planning decisions, budgetary commitments, funding searches, and staff alignment as MCOG works to coordinate the regional activities of its member communities. The plan will provide sound data support, provide ongoing technical assistance to communities in need and further regional collaboration wherever possible.


The MCOG Strategic Plan reflects the goals and strategies for the region as articulated through a four-step planning process:

Steps 1 & 2 MCOG conducted four forums in the region (the subregions1 ), and through planning sessions with the region’s professional planners. Each subregional forum conducted a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis for their subregion, and MCOG in general.

Step 3 We asked the General Assembly, in group sessions, to focus on the priorities they deemed most important: Housing, Infrastructure funding, and the Hub of Excellence (regional economic development).

Step 4 The Board of Directors are responsible for the fourth step in the strategic planning process: review and approval of this Final Strategic Plan. The Plan synthesizes information collected from all stakeholders, consolidating input into seven goals.

Progress Updates

Quarterly Benchmark Reports

FY2023 - Q3

FY2023 - Q4

FY2024 - Q1

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