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Adi Philson

Community & Transportation Planner

In her role at MCOG, Adi focuses on community planning in Waldo County as well as transportation planning for the Midcoast region. Growing up in Maine, Adi witnessed and experienced some of the rapid developments Maine has undergone in the past three decades. After working in Active Transportation Planning and Community Engagement for the City of Cambridge (MA), Adi returned to Maine in 2022, determined to play a role in sculpting Maine's burgeoning growth and building opportunities for young Mainers. Above all, Adi is committed to working with Maine communities and passionate about building a resilient and equitable future for her home state. Adi’s planning practice is informed by her varied and unique experience: from neuroscience research and engineering to teaching bicycle literacy classes and Public Health work in Cambodia. She and her boyfriend are based in Waldo County where they are working on rehabbing an old truck garage into a workshop and home. Adi enjoys bike camping, Maine fiddle music, ice fishing, and jigging for mackerel in Belfast Bay. 

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