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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Data

One of the first steps to any CEDS process is data collection. MCOG staff are conducting a quantitative data dive to gain an understanding of the economic landscape of our region. 

Economic resilience for the Midcoast region depends on the sustainability of our:

  • Communities

    • Demographics​

    • Housing

  • Businesses and workforce

  • Public infrastructure and natural resources


Our data dive will look into measures of sustainability in each of these areas. This data outline describes the measures of sustainability in more detail. 

Story Maps

The data is presented in the form of "Story Maps," an interactive visual tool. Most data come from the American Community Survey 5-year census, but some data comes from state resources such as the Maine Department of Education, Maine Housing, the Maine State Economist, and others.

Feel free to reach out to MCOG staff member Charlotte Nutt for more detailed data.

Click on the icons below to see the Story Maps. Our full library of Story Maps can be found on our data page here.

Staff contact: Charlotte Nutt,

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