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Meg Rasmussen

Community Resilience Planner

For nearly 30 years, Meg Rasmussen has been making communities better places to live, work, and play. Most recently, as the executive director of the Georges River Land Trust, she led the charge in conserving Maine’s great outdoors and made sure wild places would be protected for generations to come. Meg knows how to get things done: she has worked as a senior landscape architect and project manager, creating public parks that enhanced cities and towns, supporting sustainable economic development. One project turned a derelict oil storage facility on the banks of the Hudson River into a vibrant waterfront park, and elsewhere she helped build an award-winning public preserve, bringing the rich history buried in the ruins of a civil war era foundry to light. Public engagement is at the heart of it all and Meg enjoys supporting others who want to shape their communities right now and into the future. Her passion is playing outdoors in any season, which she shares with her husband and daughter every chance she gets.

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