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MCOG Launches New Traffic Patterns Map Using StreetLight Data

MCOG has recently gained access to the dataset StreetLight through the Maine DOT. This dataset utilizes navigational-GPS and Location Based Services to track mobility and transportation. The outcome is a massive dataset that provides insight on travel statistics. This resource will be invaluable for our region as we begin studies of transportation and mobility. Take a look at our first stab using StreetLight data to map traffic patterns in the MCOG region. This preliminary study will inform deeper dives into transportation needs in the Midcoast region.

MCOG is also partnering with the Center for Economic and Business Research at the University of Southern Maine to obtain economic and demographic data reports at the town, zip code, and county levels. These resources will assist our GIS and data specialist, Charlotte Nutt, as she continues to build Story Maps on pressing issues such as housing and transportation. If there are significant data requests or interests in a community, please reach out to Charlotte at

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