Midcoast Council of Governments

formerly Midcoast Economic Development District


The Midcoast Council of Governments held a housing forum in July which focused on housing supply and demand issues in our region. Dan Brennan (Executive Director, Maine Housing) and Greg Payne (Senior Advisor, Housing Policy, Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and Future) shared their understanding of Maine housing issues and their impacts on the Midcoast. The forum also included a presentation from Greg and Jeff Levine on LD2003 and the new housing requirements facing local municipal governments. Click below for a summary of the forum. You can find a recording of the forum as well as the PowerPoint on our "Webinars & Workshop" page.


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Monthly Meetings

As a member of the Midcoast Council of Governments, your community may send representatives to our monthly meetings to review our staff's work and stay up to date on our progress.

Our previous meetings can be found on the MCOG Youtube Channel.